Revising is suprising


I started revising my main project a few days ago in preparation for the conference I will be volunteering at. Chances are NO ONE will want to see my work. If they do, though, I don’t want to show them something totally rough. While this is a fat cry from possible, better safe than sorry.

I’m surprised to find out how difficult revising can be. See, normally I write a few paragraphs, then revise them. Then I move on, leaving me with a better starting point. Usually, I have to look for showing vs telling, homonyms, and any MAJOR plot/character issues. This last project was started that way, but I kinda flew past the last several chapters.

Now, I am left to get my head back where it was, read, then revise. I often catch myself either getting lost in the read (forgetting I am supposed to be revising), or jumping around, forgetting where I am in the story (hence, putting in something chronologically incorrect).

It’s all part of the process, I suppose. I Definitely like the first stage of writing over the others, though.

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  1. roh morgon says:

    Getting lost in the read…I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that.

    I’ve found that I rather enjoy the process, though. I’ll read a section out loud, listening for anything that trips up my tongue, ‘cuz chances are it’ll do the same thing to a reader’s brain. Then I go through and make each sentence as concise as possible without sacrificing mood, which can be a difficult balancing act.

    I find sometimes I’m forced to rewrite a sentence because one word will wrap around to the line below. That bugs the crap out of me, so I’ll beat that thing into submission til it finally lets go and stays on one line. Chances are the rewrite sounds better anyways. In the process I’ve eliminated an unnecessary word, which is always good if you are long-winded like me.

    So look for those widowed words, or those orphaned orations, and attack them with gusto! You are the master of your words, and don’t let them forget it!


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  2. LOL, maybe now you will stop pushing me on my revision. I have 265 pages to revise with notes from seven different people left. Part of the process, yes. Not as fun as writing, correct. Something that can be rushed for a deadline, not easily. Good luck getting your rewrite done.

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