Conference detox….


So the conference was AMAZING! I have so much to write about that I couldn’t possibly write ONE post to sum it all up. Instead, I will be writing several over the next month to catch you all up on what happened.

I will start off with this post and bring up something that is bugging me… post-conference detox.

See, a writers conference is to writers what Disneyland is to children: a magical wonderland that completely engulfs your life, altering your perception of reality momentarily, and you NEVER want to go home. Ok, so I have a wife and kids, but I still would rather have had them come to me!

This leaves you with an inevitable problem. The conference won’t last forever, and you have to be thrust back in to reality as soon as it is over. That is where I am now.

It is hard to do anything but write (and play with my kids). I want to read about writing, talk about writing, and soon, I will even be Podcasting about writing (look for more to come!)

Alas, writing is not paying my bills (at least not yet, and even if I “make it”, it STILL might not), so work I must. Until I win the lotto, write a best seller, or my wife decides that I would make a great stay-at-home Dad, writing will have to be second chair to work 🙁

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  1. “a writers conference is to writers what Disneyland is to children” What wonderful images that brings. I still love Disneyland. Maybe there should be a writers conference there.

    There could be seminars for children’s literature at Toontown, baby books at Fantasyland, SciFi at Tomorrowland, non-fiction at Main Street USA, action/adventure at Adventureland, historical fiction at Frontierland, Horror at New Orleans Square, and fantasy at Critter Country. Maybe we could raid CA Adventure and Downtown Disney to get in romance, religious, and all the other genres that I am missing.

    But, boy-oh-boy, I would have major withdrawals when that conference ended.

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