A long week


It’s been a loooong week. The wife is sick. The toddler is sick. The 7 year old… well… he’s 7.

I’ve been working long hours and sleeping few. I have, though, finished the first draft of a short story for my writing group’s Anthology project! Yay!

Another win today… I finished recording interviews for the first 6 episodes of The Write Podcast. Many of the interviewees had some really encouraging words for writers like me, and today turned out to be one of those “I can make it as a writer” days.

By the way, if some of my posts seem like fragmented, random thoughts… it’s because they are! Thank you, lack of sleep! I couldn’t have made a confusing post without you!

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2 Responses to “A long week”

  1. It was a long week for you and me both, brother.

    Helping out with two of the podcasts was a blast and I enjoyed sitting in on the third interview. Thanks for inviting me. Hope you family is well soon.

  2. roh morgon says:

    What’s sleep?

    If you’re getting enough sleep, you’re not writing enough!


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