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Making SOME headway… sort of


So I had written another chapter to my current WIP, The Faraday Cage, about 3 weeks ago, and let me tell you, it felt GREAT to write! It had been so long, and like riding a bike, it came back to me (minus the falling and knee scraping).

Unfortunately, it didn’t gain any traction… my writing habit, that is. I hadn’t followed up that win by writing again… until last night.

I decided I needed some outside help. I talked to a business that was introduced to me through a friend, called Turns out they were just the right people to talk to! They put me in touch with another agency that was able to give me the right feedback and outside perspective that I felt I needed but I wasn’t sure how to get. Sometimes you just feel like that’s what you need you know? I was able to get back to writing with this new perspective.

Okay, so I didn’t “write,” but I DID write. I wrote an outline for the rest of my Manuscript. I didn’t realize it before, but having no direction REALLY hindered me, which is totally weird, because the first half of the manuscript was very… un-outlined. I knew I had a starting point and a concept, and I knew the characters. I had a rough idea of the direction, but that’s it.

I LOVED writing the first half that way. The second half, however, I felt blind — and I didn’t even realize it. Now that I have a solid outline (and summary) of what is to come, the fire withing is burning again!

On a slightly related, yet unrelated, note, I threw together a concept cover. Yes, I know… cover art is a time waster, and should I ever get published (fingers AND toes are crossed), they will most likely do whatever THEY want anyway, but there is a reason!

See, my Grandpa Davis is one of people in my life that has inspired me to write. In his old age, however, reading has become harder for him. I have really wanted his feedback on what I have so far, but without reading it, I get nada. Recently, however, he bought some sort of magnifying machine to help him read. Don’t know what it is, just know he can read fine with it, and is excited to read what I have!!!!


So here is where the cover comes in. For like $6, I can have my Manuscript, thus far, printed and bound, with cover art, and shipped to him. Much cooler than having a notebook with standard printer paper bound inside it.

Anyway, I got halfway through getting it sent off, then I realized: all of these stock covers suck. I want MY cover on this thing (even if him and I are the only ones to see it).

So, I made up something quick… wanna see it? I guess you, him and are now the only ones to see it 😉

So, what do ya think?



So, those of you (hi mom) who are wondering where I have been lately, here is your answer:

Welcome the newest additions to my family, Jackson James and Jennifer Susan. They were born on the 13th at 8:11pm (Jennifer) and 8:13pm (Jackson) weighing in at 6lbs 13oz (Jennifer) and 7lbs 6oz (Jackson). Pretty huge for twins (although, not as large as our other two, weighing over 10lbs and over 11bs).

Previous to their birth, my poor wife, whom I love dearly, was on bed-rest, making my writing (and blogging time) non-existent. I will still be MIA for a little while until life resumes at a — while not comfortable — consistent rate. When I am back, I have lots of great topics to blog about, so keep tuned (or bookmarked… or RSSed… or feed?)

New Chapter (episode) of the Podcast!


So I was totally excited about releasing this chapter this morning… I had finished editing it late last night, uploaded it, then had my buddy Ryan proof it. Well, to my dismay, I had completely screwed it up. Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but I had missed a few serious items.

Anyway, I got home after work, argued with my 2 year old about why he isn’t allowed to stand in his chair at the dinner table (he’s a daredevil, and one day, he’ll be a ninja), then made my edits. Finally, it’s ready!

Head over to and check out our third installment of the show. We have a cool interview with Author Mike Lawson (super nice guy), discussion on series vs. stand alone novels, and a rad writing prompt!

Off topic


Today I wanted to write about health, because mine sucks. Well, not totally true. I am overweight (not a big surprise unless you’ve never met me in person), but other than that, I have no major health concerns… yet, I just wish I’d be more active, at least use a foam roller daily.

Being overweight is a gateway to all sort of bad things… heart problems, diabetes, etc. So, it is time I (once again) do something about it.

I have started eating better, and equally as important, started exercising (again). This time, I am riding my bicycle. It has been YEARS since I have ridden a bike, and what seemed so easy as a kid is really kicking my rear end!

Do you remember as kid, just hopping on your bike and riding around for hours? I do. And, I thought it would be similar now. Boy was I wrong!

The first time I rode, I got on the bike, spun around the street for like 3 minutes, and almost died. My rear end hurt (like it was beaten with a bat) and I couldn’t breath. My legs were on fire, and I swear that someone dumped a bucket of water on me.

The next was a little better, and each subsequent adventure (yes, bike riding is now an adventure) was a little easier yet. This last weekend, I was able to ride 2 miles each day (about 20 mins) and not die. In fact, if it wasn’t for my lagging 7 year old, I probably could have gone more.

So, as things move along, I will post my progress. Hopefully, I will have something good to report, instead of “I just ate 5 burritos.” 🙂

A long week


It’s been a loooong week. The wife is sick. The toddler is sick. The 7 year old… well… he’s 7. My wife as it turns out has a bit of a chronic condition that will cause generalized discomfort. That’s not going away apparently. The doctor offered several ways of dealing with this, and one the options was cbd oils. We found an article on Anipots that talked in-depth on the topic, and we just might try it. The good news is that we can basically try them all slowly and stick to the one she finds the best, whatever her criteria might end up being. All in all she’s alright though, I hope I didn’t worry anyone.

I’ve been working long hours and sleeping few. I have, though, finished the first draft of a short story for my writing group’s Anthology project! Yay!

Another win today… I finished recording interviews for the first 6 episodes of The Write Podcast. Many of the interviewees had some really encouraging words for writers like me, and today turned out to be one of those “I can make it as a writer” days.

By the way, if some of my posts seem like fragmented, random thoughts… it’s because they are! Thank you, lack of sleep! I couldn’t have made a confusing post without you!

Family Time


I read something that a friend of my wrote today (R. Garrett Wilson) about family time. This week I have barely seen my family at all. With work, extra work, writing group, podcast stuff, and life in general, I am exhausted.

Tonight I want to hang with my family and just enjoy them, I’ll probably got o the park, specially now that I got a Graco FastActionFoldClickConnect stroller for my baby. Of course, when everyone is off to bed, it’s back to work I go.