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I found a lovely little surprise in my inbox today. It turns out our anthology, I Dreamed a Crooked Dream, was recently reviewed on Read All Day, and it was well received! Go check it out, and look at the other books Nina has reviewed. She also reviewed about some amazing baby strollers, if you are interested you can find more about strollers here.

Seeing your name in print


There’s just something about seeing my name in print that makes me absolutely giddy. My writer’s group, the Fresno Sci Fi and Fantasy Writers Group, recently published (albeit self-published) an anthology of short stories.

I was one of the writers who made it through the selection process (yes, we had to meet criteria in order to make it into the book), and am quite proud to be in league with some of the wonderful writers in this book.

Life, with its many curve balls, has kept me away from the blog. I don’t see that changing for the next few months, but I wanted to post about our Anthology (like 2 months late, of course), and I wanted to share this picture with you:

My everlasting child-hood best friend took the antho with him on his honeymoon. Perhaps I should be jealous that he is sitting on this beach, but I am too elated with seeing my name, in print, being read there.

There’s just something about seeing my name in print…

I was published again, and I need your votes!


I was lucky enough to have another short story published at the Dailey Swan Publishing’s website. They post short stories every month, and the one with the most votes, will also get to be published in their anthology.

If you can spare the time (please please please), check out my story (scroll to the bottom where it says “short stories for July”), and if you think I am worthy, email Casey (the email is listed near the short stories) and vote for me!

Woo hoo!

Rejection is a good thing… honest!


I may sound a little optimistic here, but look what treasure I found in my email today.

Thank you for your submission to SUPER AWESOME MAGAZINE.  Unfortunately, it’s not what we’re looking for at the moment.  Thank you for sharing, and best of luck in the future.

-The Editors
(Chris-  I’d like to commend you for the pacing of the first few pages.  It’s quite eloquent.  Keep working. -SUPER AWESOME EDITOR)
Obviously I changed the name of the magazine and the editor, but other than that, this is totally real! Woo hoo!
While this email makes it easier to see rejections as a good thing, this isn’t a new revelation. Getting published is a numbers game. Sure, you have to actually know how to write, and it has to be interesting, but all things being equal, it’s all about how often you submit.
Every rejection you get is one step closer to being accepted. Start thinking of it this way, and you will actually get excited to see rejections. I know it sounds strange, but seriously, you will.
And, you also need to realize that it isn’t just you. EVERYONE gets rejected. I know someone will comment or email me to prove me wrong, but 99% of the worlds published authors have been rejected… several times. Even the greats like Stephen King, Michael Crichton, insert your favorite author here.
Next time you get a rejection I want you to jump up and down, sing, dance, and email everyone you know. You know why? Because it means you and the best of the best have something in common. 😉

Double Deal Monday!


Society For Animals in Distress LogoI didn’t want to post this until I had something to show, but I actually was published again! This time, it was a true story for a no-kill animal shelter newsletter. The shelter, Society for Animals in Distress, is in Canada, but had posted in Absolute Write’s forums looking for help. I gladly responded to the call, having just adopted a new doggie myself.

Luckily, they really liked my story! Unfortunately for me, though, I was uber busy at the time and never got further than my first draft. I also missed the deadline, but decided to send what I had the next day anyway (unedited — gross!). The story was touching enough that they took it anyway, and here it is for your reading enjoyment!

Jan Newsletter 2010 V1.0.9

Dallas 2I have removed some of the newsletter per their instructions, but left their intro, header, and my story. Oh, and in case you are wondering what Dallas looks like, this is him 😉

Dallas 1

Sheal, my contact there, had also asked me to mention that their organization SAD, could really use your *ahem* TAX DEDUCTABLE *ahem* donations. They are in crunch time, and are in danger of closing their doors (and gassing tons of cute doggies).  In case you somehow missed one of the several other links, you can get to their site here.

In a sad turn of events, we had to get rid of Dallas 🙁 My wife became pregnant with twins (yeah!!!!!!!!), and the dogs were too much. Not only would they still jump at her sometimes (kicking her in the tummy, no bueno!), but the smell was making her throw up regularly. On top of that, their constant upkeep was too hard on her (those twins are really sucking the life out of her… literally!), so we found a GREAT home for Dallas and our other dog, Dakota. We know they will make their owners very happy!

Thanks again to Society for Animals in Distress for running my story!

Ok, now I am officially published!


Digital Dragon Magazine, February Issue Cover

Digital Dragon Magazine released their February issue, so now I can prove I am not full of beans (well, not all of the time anyway).

The flash piece I submitted was originally a blog contest put on by Natalie Whipple, author and owner of the blog Between Fact and Fiction. I didn’t win the contest (poor me), but I DID get it published (hooray)!

Natalie had sketched a totally awesome picture, and asked us, the readers, to write a short piece about what “might” be happening. Click here to “ooh” and “ah” over her awesome sketch.

So thanks, Natalie, for forcing–er, inspiring me to write this piece, and thanks Digital Dragon, for letting me share my work!

I’ve been published!


Ok, so it’s only a short story, and it’s an unpaid gig… but… I’VE BEEN PUBLISHED! I’m very excited about this, if you can’t tell.

Do me a favor and support Digital Dragon Magazine by downloading this months issue. I will be published in the Feb. issue, so make sure to grab that one too!