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Today I wanted to write about health, because mine sucks. Well, not totally true. I am overweight (not a big surprise unless you’ve never met me in person), but other than that, I have no major health concerns… yet, I just wish I’d be more active, at least use a foam roller daily.

Being overweight is a gateway to all sort of bad things… heart problems, diabetes, etc. So, it is time I (once again) do something about it.

I have started eating better, and equally as important, started exercising (again). This time, I am riding my bicycle. It has been YEARS since I have ridden a bike, and what seemed so easy as a kid is really kicking my rear end!

Do you remember as kid, just hopping on your bike and riding around for hours? I do. And, I thought it would be similar now. Boy was I wrong!

The first time I rode, I got on the bike, spun around the street for like 3 minutes, and almost died. My rear end hurt (like it was beaten with a bat) and I couldn’t breath. My legs were on fire, and I swear that someone dumped a bucket of water on me.

The next was a little better, and each subsequent adventure (yes, bike riding is now an adventure) was a little easier yet. This last weekend, I was able to ride 2 miles each day (about 20 mins) and not die. In fact, if it wasn’t for my lagging 7 year old, I probably could have gone more.

So, as things move along, I will post my progress. Hopefully, I will have something good to report, instead of “I just ate 5 burritos.” 🙂


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  1. I think we chatted about this, but I had a similar experience with going back to biking. I have a stationary bike, with I am able to log some real time on, but it isn’t the same as a road bike. The constant vibration along with the bumps and dips of the road (on a five mile venture) left me so sore that I had problems sitting for three days. It also didn’t help that the bike was too small. I have given up the bike for now, and I hope you do much better than I did.

  2. btw, congratulations on making two miles a day for two days in a row!

  3. Myrna says:

    Yes, congratulations on sticking with it and making progress.

    I had a similar experience going back to running. I took my eleven-year-old daughter with me, thinking it would be fun to get in shape together, and she left me behind, way behind.

  4. Julie says:

    Ummm. Burritos.

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