New Chapter (episode) of the Podcast!


So I was totally excited about releasing this chapter this morning… I had finished editing it late last night, uploaded it, then had my buddy Ryan proof it. Well, to my dismay, I had completely screwed it up. Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but I had missed a few serious items.

Anyway, I got home after work, argued with my 2 year old about why he isn’t allowed to stand in his chair at the dinner table (he’s a daredevil, and one day, he’ll be a ninja), then made my edits. Finally, it’s ready!

Head over to and check out our third installment of the show. We have a cool interview with Author Mike Lawson (super nice guy), discussion on series vs. stand alone novels, and a rad writing prompt!

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3 Responses to “New Chapter (episode) of the Podcast!”

  1. You may have had a few tiny problems, you the podcast is great. And best of all, you made me sound better than I was – which every second you dedicate to that is worth it to me. 🙂

  2. T.H. Mafi says:

    how cool!

    congrats to you and good luck with everything!!

  3. Lisa and Laura says:

    Ooh! I can’t wait to check this out…downloading as we speak!

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