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As I eagerly await the arrival of my twins (anytime between now and July), I struggle with finding time to write, read, blog, etc.

See, my wife is basically on bed rest, so that means I have to work, come home, do laundry, dishes, dinner, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all (I would MUCH rather be picking up the slack than be the one pregnant… hand down!), I’m just preluding my point that finding balance has been the name of the game as of late; balance between work, chores, kids, wife and me time (which ranks low on the “necessity” scale) has been rough, it is even harder to keep up to date on LOL when you have so many thing on your mind.

Earlier today, I was reading P.D Wright’s blog, and she has a guest post by David Oliver (GREAT post on slang, ninja’s, and writing). His post discusses the importance of avoiding contemporary terms in a fantasy (or futuristic) novel.ย  I suggest you check it out, then come back to read the rest of this… go ahead, I’ll wait. ๐Ÿ™‚

Welcome back! Where was I… oh yes, balance. So his post got me thinking, “How can you remove all contemporary terms, but still have your contemporary this-world readers understand it all?” The answer is simple: you can’t.

Don’t let me detract from David’s post here. I don’t mean to say that you can throw caution to the wind and write however you like, rather, there are a certain amount of words and phrases that you will NEED to use in order to have your reader follow the story. You should strive, however, to remove as many unnecessary euphemisms as you can, and even create new one as David suggests. All in all, this is going to be a balance. Somewhere between losing your readers because they don’t understand you, and losing your readers because you continuously rip them from the story, there is a perfect balance.

That got me thinking about other aspects of writing, and it occurred to me, that ALL of writing is balance. Between word economy and wordcrafting (could also be thought of as the difference between showing and telling), between over describing so your reader has to use ZERO imagination, and using too little so they can’t picture anything, and between foreshadowing too much so the event loses its impact, or too little, and the event seems either hokey, out of place, or just unbelievable.

The examples go on and on, but they all boil down to balance. I think that they key to GREAT writing, is mastering this balance. This is what I strive for whenever I open my word processor.

When anyone figures out how to master that balance, be sure to let me know. I’m having a rough time trying to figure it out. ๐Ÿ˜‰



Sorry for my absence lately; life has been very hectic. I will try to post something rad in the next few days.

Until then, get back to writing! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mr. Linkey asks, “Have you Ever?”


Have you ever been reading Write-Brained and found a super awesome Mr Linkey blog post prompt session of spectacular inspiration? Have you ever chosen to participate, then blog about:

Begin each line of your post with โ€œhave you everโ€

Have you ever not known how to segue from the beginning of the post into the bulk of the post while starting with the line, “have you ever?” Have you ever misspelled a word like “segue” so bad that it took a significant amount of time to google it?

Have you ever thought that a post topic would be super fun and easy, so you begin with complete confidence that you will be able to turn an incredibly difficult task into something funny, whimsical, and inspirational?

Have you ever been wrong?

Have you ever hoped that inspiration would hit, so you just keep typing until something magical happens?

Have you ever thought that you were dumb for thinking that simply typing a lot would breed inspiration?

Have you ever dreamed about eating chocolate dogs, except they barked and moved, and when you bit into them, then turned into your arm and you realized that you have been eating your own chocolate hand the whole time, and it will never grow back: I haven’t… that would be weird.

Have you ever written a “funny” post, and it didn’t turn out so well?

Have you ever finished your blog post, realizing that you didn’t actually write about anything, so you just end it with a question and hope that everything turns out “okay”?

I LOVE contests!


Don’t you love it when you are reading a blog, and up comes a contest? I do! It’s a chance to win at something and get free goods! How can you NOT love contests?

Anyway, my friend Roh is having a contest here. Books, gift cards, and ever lasting appreciation and bragging rights can be yours if you sign up.

Check it out!