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So, those of you (hi mom) who are wondering where I have been lately, here is your answer:

Welcome the newest additions to my family, Jackson James and Jennifer Susan. They were born on the 13th at 8:11pm (Jennifer) and 8:13pm (Jackson) weighing in at 6lbs 13oz (Jennifer) and 7lbs 6oz (Jackson). Pretty huge for twins (although, not as large as our other two, weighing over 10lbs and over 11bs).

Previous to their birth, my poor wife, whom I love dearly, was on bed-rest, making my writing (and blogging time) non-existent. I will still be MIA for a little while until life resumes at a — while not comfortable — consistent rate. When I am back, I have lots of great topics to blog about, so keep tuned (or bookmarked… or RSSed… or feed?)

I was published again, and I need your votes!


I was lucky enough to have another short story published at the Dailey Swan Publishing’s website. They post short stories every month, and the one with the most votes, will also get to be published in their anthology.

If you can spare the time (please please please), check out my story (scroll to the bottom where it says “short stories for July”), and if you think I am worthy, email Casey (the email is listed near the short stories) and vote for me!

Woo hoo!