I rarely write poetry (mostly because I stink at it), but here is a recent attempt:

The dark pushes inward

Breathing becomes labored
Reason and logic claw at reality
Begging for an answer, or relief

The dark pushes inward

Self worth slips into apathy
Apathy adds fuel to the fire
Desperation takes it’s hold

The dark pushes inward

Suffocation is imminent
The heart beats slower and slower
Time is the both the answer and the problem

The dark pushes inward

Synthetic loneliness comes in waves
Fight or flight, although neither work
The lungs cease to function

The dark pushes inward

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One Response to “Poetry?”

  1. roh morgon says:

    Wow – that’s some pretty heavy stuff. I love it.

    Poetry is something I want to try my hand at as well. I have a certain character who will be writing some, and I need to get it together for them.

    Nice piece – very expressive.

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