Making SOME headway… sort of


So I had written another chapter to my current WIP, The Faraday Cage, about 3 weeks ago, and let me tell you, it felt GREAT to write! It had been so long, and like riding a bike, it came back to me (minus the falling and knee scraping).

Unfortunately, it didn’t gain any traction… my writing habit, that is. I hadn’t followed up that win by writing again… until last night.

I decided I needed some outside help. I talked to a business that was introduced to me through a friend, called Turns out they were just the right people to talk to! They put me in touch with another agency that was able to give me the right feedback and outside perspective that I felt I needed but I wasn’t sure how to get. Sometimes you just feel like that’s what you need you know? I was able to get back to writing with this new perspective.

Okay, so I didn’t “write,” but I DID write. I wrote an outline for the rest of my Manuscript. I didn’t realize it before, but having no direction REALLY hindered me, which is totally weird, because the first half of the manuscript was very… un-outlined. I knew I had a starting point and a concept, and I knew the characters. I had a rough idea of the direction, but that’s it.

I LOVED writing the first half that way. The second half, however, I felt blind — and I didn’t even realize it. Now that I have a solid outline (and summary) of what is to come, the fire withing is burning again!

On a slightly related, yet unrelated, note, I threw together a concept cover. Yes, I know… cover art is a time waster, and should I ever get published (fingers AND toes are crossed), they will most likely do whatever THEY want anyway, but there is a reason!

See, my Grandpa Davis is one of people in my life that has inspired me to write. In his old age, however, reading has become harder for him. I have really wanted his feedback on what I have so far, but without reading it, I get nada. Recently, however, he bought some sort of magnifying machine to help him read. Don’t know what it is, just know he can read fine with it, and is excited to read what I have!!!!


So here is where the cover comes in. For like $6, I can have my Manuscript, thus far, printed and bound, with cover art, and shipped to him. Much cooler than having a notebook with standard printer paper bound inside it.

Anyway, I got halfway through getting it sent off, then I realized: all of these stock covers suck. I want MY cover on this thing (even if him and I are the only ones to see it).

So, I made up something quick… wanna see it? I guess you, him and are now the only ones to see it ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, what do ya think?

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3 Responses to “Making SOME headway… sort of”

  1. Myrna Foster says:

    Does this mean you have a finished draft? IF so, congrats! I like your cover, but I don’t see very much of the little bit that I read in it.

    Is there any way you could connect your webpage to blogger like Paula and Ryan? I know you’d have more comments on this post if there was a way to follow your blog.

  2. C. Michael Fontes says:

    @Myrna: not a finished draft… yet… but MUCH closer. There were a few issues I had yet to work out towards the end, and I have finally got them nailed (I hope). I had a CSS (web language) issue with the widget for “following” and the theme I use. I was gonna install a different one that is compatible… just trying to find the time ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. tรถff says:

    Are those two female silhouettes for Heather and Erina? They look slinky! Add some guns for the guys, though. Firearms and hot chicks — do not underestimate the value of sex and violence.

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