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Seeing your name in print


There’s just something about seeing my name in print that makes me absolutely giddy. My writer’s group, the Fresno Sci Fi and Fantasy Writers Group, recently published (albeit self-published) an anthology of short stories.

I was one of the writers who made it through the selection process (yes, we had to meet criteria in order to make it into the book), and am quite proud to be in league with some of the wonderful writers in this book.

Life, with its many curve balls, has kept me away from the blog. I don’t see that changing for the next few months, but I wanted to post about our Anthology (like 2 months late, of course), and I wanted to share this picture with you:

My everlasting child-hood best friend took the antho with him on his honeymoon. Perhaps I should be jealous that he is sitting on this beach, but I am too elated with seeing my name, in print, being read there.

There’s just something about seeing my name in print…



I rarely write poetry (mostly because I stink at it), but here is a recent attempt:

The dark pushes inward

Breathing becomes labored
Reason and logic claw at reality
Begging for an answer, or relief

The dark pushes inward

Self worth slips into apathy
Apathy adds fuel to the fire
Desperation takes it’s hold

The dark pushes inward

Suffocation is imminent
The heart beats slower and slower
Time is the both the answer and the problem

The dark pushes inward

Synthetic loneliness comes in waves
Fight or flight, although neither work
The lungs cease to function

The dark pushes inward



So, those of you (hi mom) who are wondering where I have been lately, here is your answer:

Welcome the newest additions to my family, Jackson James and Jennifer Susan. They were born on the 13th at 8:11pm (Jennifer) and 8:13pm (Jackson) weighing in at 6lbs 13oz (Jennifer) and 7lbs 6oz (Jackson). Pretty huge for twins (although, not as large as our other two, weighing over 10lbs and over 11bs).

Previous to their birth, my poor wife, whom I love dearly, was on bed-rest, making my writing (and blogging time) non-existent. I will still be MIA for a little while until life resumes at a — while not comfortable — consistent rate. When I am back, I have lots of great topics to blog about, so keep tuned (or bookmarked… or RSSed… or feed?)



Sorry for my absence lately; life has been very hectic. I will try to post something rad in the next few days.

Until then, get back to writing! 🙂

Eating your own words


Ok, so I JUST posted about making time to write, about how important it is to write no matter what, blah blah blah.

This weekend, I was going to sit down and write the last two chapters of my first act. Know how much I wrote?




That’s right. None. I could sit here and say, “I had a migrane,” or, “I was tired,” but all in all… I suck at taking my own advice. All I can do is try again. Tonight is out (as is all Monday’s for my son’s Cub Scouts), and tomorrow is out too (as is all Tuesday’s, for my writers group), but Wednesday! Oh, Wednesday! I will have my victory then!

Finding time to write


Ok, so I am not the best person to be preaching about this. I have two wonderful boys, a perfect wife, and twins on the way (probably boys, my brother has 6 of them… that’s just how we role).

With my writer’s group, my side work (which has been short lately), my actual paying job, cub scouts (for my son), soccer (for my son), horticultural club (again, for my son), it can be hard to find the time to write.

All of that being said, the time MUST be made. If you aren’t writing at LEAST 3,000 words a week (on the average, we all have weeks of nothing), than you need to figure something else out.

I read a blog once that said a writer, who is wanting to pursue writing professionally (or already is a professional), needs to write at least 1,000 words a day. That sounds totally reasonable… in theory.

My problem is making theory a reality. I need to start writing that 1k a day (hey, my new quote! “1 K a Day!”, anyway, back to the post…) if I plan on ever making it. Which I do.

I would post a challenge to all of you reading this tow write 1k a day for the next week, but alas, there are not enough of you following this blog yet. One day, oh yes… one day.